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    4 Tips to Pick an Engagement Ring Without Her Knowing

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    Picking out an engagement ring without her knowing can be tough, but we have 4 tips to make the process easier and ensure you both are happy with the final product. First, take note of her lifestyle. If she works with her hands or wears gloves during the day, keep that in mind and pick a low maintenance ring (stay away from a lot of little diamonds!). Also, look at her personal style. Is her style loud and bright? Or more traditional? Traditional ring designs like a solitaire or three stone are always a great option, but if she likes more flair, look at halo designs or a more unique diamond shape. And lastly, see if you can get a general finger size by seeing where one of her rings fit on you and choose a design that allows for sizing if needed.

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    are ready to propose! But you want it to be a surprise and have no clue where
    to start. Here are a few things to take note of when picking out her engagement
    ring to help make sure that it is the perfect ring for her.

    Consider Her Lifestyle

    common and very beneficial way to start the engagement ring shopping process is
    to look at your significant other’s lifestyle. What do they do for a living? Do
    they work at an office job or are they a doctor or a nurse? Do they have to
    worry about gloves or their ring snagging on anything if they work with their
    hands? Think about what happens in daily life that could potentially affect the

    example, for someone who works at a desk or more clerical job, then you do not
    have to worry much about the toll that will take on the ring. But, if someone
    who works with their hands is probably washing them constantly, or having to
    take gloves off and on, then it may be a good idea to start with a more durable
    or simpler design. For example, rings that have lots of tiny diamonds also mean
    that those diamonds are held in by tiny little prongs. These prongs are durable
    but may wear down more quickly with all of the rubbing and wear on them. If
    this is absolutely the design that you want, that is fine, but be aware that
    the ring may require more maintenance to keep it in good shape.

    you know that the ring is going to get some wear, opt for fewer, but larger
    diamonds on the side with bigger prongs or set in a channel. This is a more
    durable design that can take a bit more wear. Another option is to choose a
    solitaire engagement ring. This option is not only a classic and timeless
    design, but it reduces the amount of maintenance needed on the ring.

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    Consider Her Style

    you are getting ready to pop the question, it can really help with the ring
    process to start taking note of your partner’s style, if you do not already. Is
    it trendy? Traditional and classic? Or simple and understated? If you don’t
    know, pay more attention to daily wardrobe choices and that will give you a
    better idea.

    If your
    partner takes risks with fashion, take a look at rings with a halo design
    around them or a less common shape of diamond. 
    Rings with a halo have a lot of bling; diamond shapes like the radiant
    or a cushion cut are less traditional. Someone with a simpler style will love a
    round brilliant center diamond with a few accent stones or even a classic
    3-stone engagement ring. And someone who likes a more modest and clean look, a
    solitaire is always a beautiful way to go.

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    Figure Out Her Finger Size

    very important aspect of the engagement ring process is knowing what size to
    pick for the ring. Some people can really stress out about this, but the
    reality is that you do not have to nail it right away on the first try. Since
    gold and platinum are metals that jewelers can size up and down, getting as
    close as possible typically works out just fine. But there are a few ways that
    you can ensure the sizing process goes smoothly.

    take a look at whether your partner wears any sort of rings at all. If so, take
    note of what ring the finger is on. If your partner takes the jewelry off at
    the end of the day, placing the ring on one of your own fingers and taking note
    about how far it goes down will help out your engagement specialist quite a
    bit. This is a really common option for many individuals who have begun the
    ring shopping process..

    If your
    partner does not wear any sort of jewelry, just try and take note of the ring
    finger and see if it is close to any of yours in size. Most jewelry stores will
    size you for free or you can order a ring sizing kit online. Size the finger
    you think is closest to your partner’s ring finger and use that to help
    determine what ring size to pick out.

    if you are trying to decide between two sizes, opt for the larger size. That
    way, when you propose, your partner will at least be able to slip it on one
    finger. Everyone wants to wear the ring right away and it is a disappointment if
    you can’t! To help make sure that the ring doesn’t fall off, jewelry stores and
    even online shops sell little plastic ring sizers that look like a coil. It is
    a great way to adjust the size down a bit so the ring can be worn (and shown
    off) before you get in to see a jeweler.

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    Consider Ease of Sizing

    if you are not completely sure about the size, opt for a ring that does not
    have stones that go all the way around the band. Rings like these are commonly
    referred to as “eternity” rings or bands and are not conducive to someone
    trying to pull off a surprise proposal. These are very difficult or sometimes
    impossible to size without removing stones and ruining the look you paid a premium
    for. If you do want stones down the band, pick one that either goes ½ or ¾ of
    the way down. This will give jewelers enough plain metal to work with if they
    need to adjust the size.

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